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Linkbase Development Limited

+852 9230 8820
Mr. Remus Lam

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Linkbase Development Limited is an intelligent building management solutions provider, we aim to provide an easy and cost efficiency way for building management integration into single platform. Linkbase’s intelligent edge controller – is an “plug to use” controller support unified interface across majority of facilities including lighting/ventilation/escalator/fire/environment monitor system etc. Our unique AI predictive to select the corresponding library or database for different connected devices hence the maintenance and monitoring services give BMS an smarter way in building management.

Linkbase is an universal Intelligent Edge Controller system (hub)
1. Easy and Standardized integration method - Do not need developer for integration. A well-trained non-technical background staff can also finish integration within a short period of time
2. Standard output language for software development - Our edge controller can convert different protocol/languages into only one output language. The difficulty of for further software development will be eased and time efficient.
3. Covers majority of mainstream facilities- It covers mainstream systems which commonly used in buildings, such as security system, temperature control system, light system etc.
4. Reusable library file for universal clients - Once the system is integrated by one of the clients, the library file will be put into the cloud and could be used by other clients. The universal library file will help saving development time and cost.
5. Intelligent update and testing - The AI engine will find and check the new updates of devices automatically. An internal test will be conducted inside the cloud server. The AI module will make sure the new version is usable and no error in the production environment.