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HM Environmental Technologies Limited

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HM Environmental Technologies Ltd. is a wood upcycling company. Our vision is to save trees and at the same time spread the message about the importance of environmental protection. Nowadays, HM provides hoarding rental service for renovation purpose. Unwanted wooden boards are collected, polished and made to hoarding boards. They are collected and reused at the end of renovation. HM will include more technological elements to promote wood reuse and recycling in the future, promoting treasuring of resources.

In order to prevent waste increased by disposal of one-off “holistic wooden hoarding”, standardized modulus system should be developed. Renovation usually takes one day to 60 days depending on the scale of projects. Our vision is to reduce its impact on nature. This can be done by considering a “Hoarding Ecology” in renovation cycle. Hoarding boards should enter the cycle again after use instead of having their life ended. HM would like to Develop a new modulus system in “Hoarding Rent” which includes mobilization of wood hoarding System, tailor made extension posts, purchase order platform as well as I-Panel data built-in.

Besides, we will expand the hoarding rental service and develop a platform called “Hoarding Me”. It is an unprecedented platform for hoarding rental service, making this service systematic with linking I-Panel data system so that clients are able to check register workers entry, project progress, locations completed, insurance expiry and so on. New modulus system will be enhanced from now one time to more than 20 times. It is clear that renovation debris in wood hoarding waste will relatively decrease while market share increasing.