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eTron Electronic Materials (Hong Kong) Co. Limited

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eTron is a high-tech start-up, founded in Sept. 2014 in Hong Kong, focusing on the design and manufacturing of advanced conductive composite materials. Based on the novel composite material manufacturing technology developed in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, we provide advanced eletronics, battery and energy-related, 3D printing materials.

Continuous innovation capability is the core momentum for a vibrant high-tech material company in current evolving electronic industry. With our current unique technology and products, we are going to build up such an innovative platform with advanced concepts and capabilities for electronic material design, R&D and manufacturing, and a unique innovation culture, serving for our future
continuous business growth.

We provide advanced conductive composite products, including:
(1) High-performance electrically conductive adhesives/pastes/inks, thermally conductive materials;
(2) Stretchable and wearable electronics materials; battery and other energy-related technologies.
(3) Fast 3D printing electronics solutions and materials.