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BayVax Biotech Limited

Cubicle 1 (S37-S40), 6/F, Building 17W No. 17 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
+852 56073630
May Chen

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BayVax Biotech Limited develops synthetic vaccines for preventing or treating all immune related diseases. Our world-class team and ample resources support every step of the biotech success journey. Our vaccine technology is licensed from the University of Hong Kong. We are committed to eliminating pain and benefiting mankind with a new generation of vaccine technology.

We have developed a systematic vaccine development platform. Peptide-based formulation is optimal for neoantigen delivery. Adjuvant is another essential component, while current peptide-adjuvant isolated formulation could be improved further. We have developed a novel vaccine formulation BVX-001 to conjugate adjuvant and peptide together, forming nanoparticles in water solution. BVX-001 could induce significantly higher neoantigen specific T cell response than current standard formulations.
Antigen prediction algorithm and vaccine formulation are two wings for personalised neoantigen vaccine development to take flight. Instantly, our BayVax antigen prediction algorithm is aimed to predict neoantigen candidates from mutation sequencing information and then screen out the immunogenic neoantigen candidates. At the same time, our BayVax vaccine formulation is the optimal formulation to deliver the neoantigen candidates from the antigen prediction algorithm. This platform can also be used to develop other vaccines.