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Aiphotonics Limited

Rica Fan

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Brighten up your life and work with Artificial Intelligence. Enjoy amazing visual experience. We are AIphotonics.

AIphotonics is founded in 2018 by a group of pioneers and experts in 3D photography, optoelectronic technology, and artificial intelligence from academia and industry.
Our mission is to create revolutionary 3D sensing solutions by applying artificial intelligence(AI) and advanced optoelectronic technologies. We combine innovative approaches to 3D photography and LiDAR scanning to provide a highly realistic virtual reality for different application scenarios. With the collected data from our Lidar sensor, and integrated with our 5G technology and AI systems, we can bring affordable and tailor-made solutions to the industry.

AIphotonics offers project-based consultation and provides hardware/software solutions based on our client’s requirements.

We focus our expertise on four strategic areas:
• LIDAR Applications
• Remote Sensing and AI Solution
• Internet of Things
• 5G Network


Science Park’s lab and corporate support services drive us to innovate for the benefit of industry and society.