HKSTP Cloud Service for COVID19 Research Program (內容只提供英文版)


日期: 2020-09-30
時間: Full Day


Nathan Lau / Dicky Or
2629 6611 / 2629 6715


HKSTP Cloud Service for COVID19 Research Program

In response to the current pandemic, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is providing tools to facilitate research projects concerning the fight against coronavirus disease (COVID19).

The HKSTP Cloud Service for COVID19 Research Program (“the Program”) is intended to jumpstart research efforts by supporting R&D projects using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services on the HKSTP’s dedicated data analytics platform, targeted at understanding the new COVID19 and to improve efficient patient care and public health response to the outbreak.

Research project proposals shall be based on the research priorities defined by the WHO (LINK). Collaborations between Science Park partner companies and research groups in the local community are encouraged. The scope of the proposals may include different topics (defined by WHO):

  • Virus: natural history, transmission and diagnostics
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Clinical characterisation and management
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Development of diagnostics tools
  • Candidate therapeutics R&D
  • Candidate vaccines R&D
  • Other research projects related to cooperation across sectors: e.g. tracking of transmission events or monitoring of home-quarantined individuals using smart technologies, etc.

The Program aims to support up to 6 project proposals (USD 10,000 cloud credits per project). The credits will be applicable to AWS cloud services on the HKSTP’s dedicated data analytics platform, for use during a limited period of time.



Science Park partner companies and researchers from universities in Hong Kong may submit project outlines. Applicants are encouraged to submit project outlines in cooperation with other organizations and/or private/public sectors – in this case the lead applicant shall be a Science Park partner company.



We are now accepting our second round of applications on a rolling basis. The deadline for submitting application is 30th September 2020. Applicants will receive email confirmation of receipt as soon as the project outline has been received by HKSTP. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the submission has been received. Around 6 qualified projects will be subsidised on the first come first served basis. Successful projects shall start on 29 June 2020 or later on the HKSTP’s dedicated data analytics platform.

Application results will be given via email.


Evaluation criteria

Applications will be jointly evaluated by HKSTP and AWS - a committee comprised of personnel from both enterprises.

Evaluation factors/metrics:

(Total: 100%)

1.       Clearly defined outcomes


2.       Potential to disseminate the results and data through sharing of pipeline/software/datasets on the HKSTP platform


3.       *The value of AWS credits requested is suited to the scope of the proposed project


*as evidenced by a Simple Monthly Calculator link to substantiate the AWS credits desired

Please note that the intent of the HKSTP Cloud Service for COVID19 Research Program is to jumpstart and support research-oriented workload on HKSTP’s dedicated data analytics platform. Administrative workloads to run routine IT operations on AWS are not supported.

In general, we focus on the reusability of the expected outcome of the project and on the demonstrated efficacy of the HKSTP’s dedicated data analytics platform for a research workload. Examples of reusable outcomes include publicly available datasets, analysis pipelines or code repositories. Proof of concept or other pilot projects that explore how well AWS services match with common research workloads are also of interest.

All application information will be kept confidential, and used for this one-off research program evaluation only.



Each awarded amount will vary depending on the research proposal and usage requirements indicated in the application. The award will be in the form of cloud credits applicable to AWS cloud services on the HKSTP’s dedicated data analytics platform. (EC2 usage supported by AWS credits will be for on-demand instance.)

If you are awarded, the AWS credits will be good until the earlier of 30 October 2020 or when the AWS credits have been fully utilized. Please make sure to account for the duration of the AWS credits in your project timeline, as the end date cannot be extended and AWS credits will expire if unused.