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    Unit 115B, 1/F, Enterprise Place No. 5 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin


    OUR STORY CamClaim is a FinTech + Biz-Trips solution company. We will focus on Innovative Dynamic Biz-Trip Information Platform Over BlockChain. Our team to designed a Mobile Reimbursement solution to enhance mobile office workflow and build-in the innovation payment service to mobile process and cloud platform. CamClaim 1.0 was first launch in Apps store in Mar 2016 and launch the cloud platform in May 2016. OUR VISION CamClaim is aiming at reimbursement management, we building “Dynamic Travel Business Information Platform”. One Platform provide instant submission, approval and payment. The platform will help enterprises to quickly enter the new generation of mobile office. CamClaim is providing the productivity tools for enterprise to combined with reimbursement, payment, Big Data analytics and block chain transaction logging. CamClaim will build-in instant reimbursed payment by Chian UnionPay. You can enhance the productivity and management efficiency of eighty percent under CamClaim Mobile Reimbursement system. Just a few steps mobile online reporting and approval. Cloud data analytics, cost control, travel activities. Dashboard vire, simple to use.


    TECHNOLOGY CamClaim is providing the innovation and creativity to improve work and life experience of the mobile reimbursement and payment management system to achieve Mobile Office service. CamClaim Reimbursement have 4 elements to provide the simple workflow for Reimburesment process. • Mobile Reimbursement Information Platform • Mobile Cashless Payment Gateway • Analytic and Biz-Supplier Discounts • Blockchain technology for Safety Transaction


    Ms. Joey Lam

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