Healthy Living: Tech for Good (内容只提供英文版本)

From Hong Kong citizens’ wellbeing, to social benefits and economic diversification, there are great testimonials to leverage Science Park's strong R&D capabilities in the vibrant I&T ecosystem to make an impact and shape the future of Hong Kong. By telling the stories of great initiatives in HKSTP and its Park companies, from combating pandemic outbreak to faster and more accurate diagnostics; from ensuring a healthy living environment to finding groundbreaking solutions to previously incurable diseases - innovation and technology are imperative to safeguard our wellbeing and good health.

Made in Hong Kong (内容只提供英文版本)

The tech industry came together with private and government sectors to safeguard public health amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In just four weeks, HKSTP put together a clean room facility for the mass production of face masks at the Tai Po Industrial Estate. Its partner company Compathnion Technology Limited on the other hand worked with the government to create an app called StayHomeSafe, which ensures people under home quarantine will follow the rules, with minimum disruption to their lives. It is this spirit of collaboration that proves Hong Kong and its innovators can rise to the challenge, and make the impossible possible.

Groundbreaking Cancer Therapy

Two clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies based in Science Park are developing cancer treatments that are potentially more effective, with fewer and less severe side effects than traditional treatments. Athenex is developing an oral alternative to intravenous chemotherapy, while Bio-Cancer Treatment International’s drugs slows tumour growth.

Air Pollution Solutions

Two tech start-ups at Hong Kong Science Park use innovations to improve air quality in buildings. Innovations include air filters using nanotechnology and biological air-purifying system featuring living plants.

The Future of Medical Diagnostic (内容仅提供英文版)

From Sanwa BioTech’s point-of-care testing (POCT) system, which is able to diagnose diseases including Covid-19 within 15 minutes, to the personalized interventions solutions developed by Govita Tech for preventing diseases and boosting immunity, technology can transform the diagnostic landscape and disrupt the healthcare industry - with imperative innovative care for our well-being and longevity.

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