• Zetakey Solutions Limited

    Zetakey Solutions Limited

    Zetakey is an embedded Software Company. We are a group of embedded software experts with vast experience on embedded, open source softwares. We are offering IoT gateway solutions and HTML5 browser solution for Windows Embedded and Embedded Linux platforms based on Webkit and latest Open source projects.
    Our vision is to bring high quality open source software (OSS) to embedded and mobile devices.


    Zetakey IoT Gateway
    Zetakey IoT products provides the easiest way to build IoT solutions by using web app programming technology such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTTPS, AJAX, WebSockets etc. The IoT WebApps access the edge devices using JavaScript, and apply event-based, object-oriented programming models, and end-to-end web security models. Developers can separate the hardware domain and put more focus on their business logic. Front-end and back-end infrastructure can be reused for different hardware control.

    Zetakey Webkit Browser
    Enable embedded device with latest HTML5 browser. It is a Webkit-based browser solution that offers HTML5 compliance, high-performance browser for Embedded Linux, Windows CE 5/6, Embedded Compact 7 / 2013 and Windows Mobile.
    - Optimzied for Embedded Environment
    - Professional Support
    - Unique Features and Usages

    Suitable for Barcode scanner, GPS device, Embedded PC, POS terminal,Industrial Panel and many more...

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