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    ZD International (HK) Ltd. is a leading LED light-fixture OEM service provider, offering a complete range of service from critical R&D study to manufacturing of final high quality end product to meet the ever changing needs of environmental concerns, energy saving and product safety requirements in the global lighting market. We are a Hong Kong based company, founded in the year of 2002 with the objective of assisting our customer (Business Partner in fact ) to realize their LED light solution from initial stage of product concept, through hands-in-hands R&D studies, to actual mass production of the product under a controlled budget framework. With a history of experience and know-how in the lighting industry, we own and manage team of competent product engineers and advanced manufacturing facilities, to guarantee the availability of high quality end-to-end infrastructure in areas of strategic focus, enable us to fulfill our mission of providing customers with the best value and top performance.


    ZD International (HK) Ltd provides expertise not only on the efficient/effective manufacturing services, but also various analytical studies of which critical to development of LED light solution. Research & Development Services: Optic design: by means of sophisticated program and goniophotometer, it helps to design and verify optical characteristic of reflectors/lens. Thermal management study: focus on design of heat dissipation capability of heat sink, to ensure ideal condition for LED’s performance. Prototype preparation: by means of 3D Printer, CNC (sometime even hand-built) etc., to ensure the product in question is perfectly function as intended before mass production. Production/Mechanical Engineering design ISO Certified Manufacturing Services: Mold and Tooling Preparation Alum. Die-Casting CNC Turning/Milling Powder coating and wet painting Alum Spinning, Punching Stamping Plastic Injection Final products Assembling/Testing



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