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    UrbanChain Group 以創新及環保概念創建其智慧城市的方案。公司理念以運用共享經濟模式加上創新科技如人工智能、大數據分析、區塊鏈技術等推動現有的城市建設及資源達致最大化效用。 UrbanChain Group 現時的專注於其首要項目Parkingbnb。Parkingbnb是一個建立於智慧泊車平台的流動應用程式。Parkingbnb 利用數據分析協助各種停車場提高使用率爭取最高收益。同時幫助車主尋找最方便實惠的停車位空位,車主可以根據個人喜好設定如:地點、價格、距離、路面情況、燃油消耗量、地理等要求。平台通過軟硬體結合的方式為車主、車位擁有者及汽車製造商提供嶄新的停車方案。Parkingbnb 專注於解決由泊車困難衍生的生活及社會問題如塞車、違例泊車、空氣污染等以提升都市人的生活環境。


    I) Parkingbnb Soft-/hardware solutions for: 1) Drivers -Parking advisor: automatically suggests the optimal place to park, includes indoor/outdoor navigation. Drivers can indicate personal preferences (cheapest space, closest space, less walking distance from car park to object, secured parking, etc.) 2) Parking owners -Parking management: soft-/hardware solution that automates parking and payment processes, provides online occupancy tracking and manages car flow. Payments done through the app solely: no payment machines, no tickets, no queues. - Price advisor: automatically suggests optimal price for parking. 3) Car producers - On-board computer software (with built-in Parkingbnb technologies). - Autonomous parking (soft-/hardware solution, the most accurate currently existing as we collect the data from our software, parking history, car sensors and other). Main technologies used: -Artificial intelligence (computer vision, machine learning; -Blockchain (secure data storage); -Big data (analytics). II) Food2All (upcoming project after Parkingbnb) Sharing/ selling on discount any food left in restaurants, cafes, tables, food factories, etc. III) Store-it-Out (upcoming project) Timely storage of personal belongings on vacant spaces


    Vitaly Pentegov

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