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    靜音科技集團有限公司基於世界領先的薄膜型聲學超常材料技術,研發並為客戶提供最為高效的降噪解決方案和產品,實現寬頻降噪的同時,對目標頻率吸收率可高達近100%。 薄膜型聲學超材料解決了低頻噪音處理成本高、效果差的傳統難題。我們提供標準化寬頻吸音產品和定制化解決方案。同時,基於大規模定制理念開發智能化產品設計製造平臺,於香港科技園設立自動化設計系統和工業材料測試系統,實現產品快速出樣。


    Membrane-type acoustic metamaterials technology utilizes (low frequency) resonances of elastic membrane with artificially decorated weights to control of sounds through attenuation or absorption in certain frequencies, or block noise while keep the whole structure ventilated. Thin and lightweight acoustic absorption metamaterial panels have been realized for the first time in LOW-FREQUENCY SOUND ABSORPTION. • A perfect combination of efficiency and effectiveness in low frequency noise solutions • Functional in complex environment • In-depth customization down to the material level This cutting-edge technology can be used for 1) High-quality indoor soundproofing, which are applicable in luxury hotels, apartments, offices, conference rooms, etc. 2) Reduction of machine-related noises 3) Acoustic isolation and echo suppression for music hall and recording studio 4) Specialized industrial noise control with ventilation


    Dr. Shuyu Chen

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