香港科学园园区发明扬威 「第43届日内瓦国际发明展」
(香港,2015年4月19日)香港科技园公司十分高兴宣布,率领六家科学园园区科技公司,於瑞士着名的 「第43届日内瓦国际发明展」中取得佳绩。他们的创新发明在来自48个国家,超过750个参展者,达全球1,000 多项发明中脱颖而出,全面获金!当中水中银(国际)生物科技有限公司(Vitargent)更勇夺至高荣誉大奖(Grand Prix Du Salon International Des Invention De Geneve)。





  公司 Company 项目 Project 奖项 Award

3DP Technology Limited


3DP Technology Ltd is a Hong Kong company focusing in 3D printer development and production. They are committed to popularize 3D printing technology through the production of high quality and value for money 3D printers. The company has a collection of 3D printers in different size and spec, from kit form to fully assembled unit for users varies from students to SMEs.

Scalable Delta 3D Printer & Removable Dispenser Cartridge

研发出家用3D打印机,可按物件比例,印出由1,800至60,000立方厘米体积内的成品,打印物料包括塑胶丶陶瓷丶 金属,更可以朱古力打印心目中的造型。

A household 3D printer that can print out products from1,800 to 60,000 cubic centimeters. Printable materials include plastics, ceramics, metals and even chocolate.

  1. 评审团嘉许金奖
    Gold Medal
    (congratulations from the jury)
  2. 罗斯健体与美容研究所医生颁发创新奖
    Innovation Award, Institute of Health and Beauty by Doctor Mukhina, Russia

B-Free Technology Limited

必飞科技有限公司〔B-Free〕是香港科技园公司「科技创业培育计划」的培育公司之一,由李少麟先生创办,专门研发多功能电动轮椅 ─ 「必飞椅」。公司自2011年已成功为产品於中国丶香港丶台湾丶英国丶美国丶澳洲丶印度及欧盟申请专利。同年12月其产品原型更於香港贸易发展局举办的「设计及创新科技博览」首次展出。

B-Free Technology is an incubatee of HKSTPC under the Incu-Tech Incubation Programme. It is founded by Alan Lee who developed the multi-functional electronic wheelchair - the B-Free Chair. The company successfully obtained the invention patent from a number of countries, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, US, Australia, India and the European Union in 2011. The first prototype was showcased at Inno Design Tech Expo in the same year.

B-Free Chair - All Terrain Multi-Function Stair-Climbing Power Wheelchair

「必飞越障椅」 最大特点是采用了二段式履带驱动设计,其专用履带及专利双翼安全锁,将车身一分为二,运行时履带就像蛇子爬行一般,紧抓每级楼梯,更可沿着高度不一的梯级蜿蜒攀爬。

B-Free Chair which can climb up and down stairs, even when the steps vary in height.

  1. 评审团嘉许金奖
    Gold Medal
    (congratulations from the jury)
  2. 俄罗斯发明培育者大奖
    Incubator of Inventions of Russia
  3. 意大利发明协会颁发发明家荣誉
    Certificate of Inventor Emeritus, Associazione Nazionale Degli Inventori, Italy

S Square System Limited

S Square System Limited於2011年成立,是一家以香港为基地的三维科技应用公司,他们致力通过三维科技的力量连接人及世界。该公司的合作夥伴遍布香港丶台湾丶中国丶欧洲以及北美洲。他们集中开发最先进的一些3D视觉产品,如实时3D扫描系统丶360度扫描系统,以及快速移动的3D虚拟构图的应用程式。

S Square System Limited is a Hong Kong based 3D application company founded in 2010. We are an expert team specialized in 3D vision technology, with office and partners in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Europe and North America. They have developed some state-of-art 3D vision products, like real-time 3D scanner, 3D full-body photo capture system, and rapid 3D avatar building mobile app. They will continue to explore technology and application in 3D imaging and computer vision.

Multiple sensor full-body 3D scanning system


A multiple sensor full-body 3D scanning system with a 3D marker to detect and define your area of interest in a short period of time and reduce complicated procedures.

  1. 评审团嘉许金奖
    Gold Medal
    (congratulations from the jury)
  2. 罗马尼亚科学部颁发文凭
    Diploma, Scientific Community of ROMANIA

Sunlight Eco-tech Limited

新盈环保科技有限公司成立於2013成立,是一所为客户提供能源转换系统和提升能源效能的解决方案的公司。我们的业务包括清洁能源,如太阳能发电;CVD i-coating 科技的节能产品;智能电网以及绿色的高效运输。

Sunlight Eco-Tech is established and admitted into Hong Kong Science and Technology Park’s Incu-Tech Programme in 2013. They are a company providing customers with energy conversion systems and providing solutions to improve their energy efficiency. Our business includes clean energy, such as solar power; energy saving products by using CVD i-coating technology; smart grids as well as green efficient transportation.

Outdoor full color HP (high polymer) LED display


A water proof, dust proof, anti stain, environmental friendly LED display for outdoor usage. It is ultra thin and light, has a long life and low electricity consumption, thus solving the problems of traditional LED modules

  1. 评审团嘉许金奖
    Gold Medal
    (congratulations from the jury)

Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited


Vitargent established its research base at the Hong Kong Science Park in 2011. By sharing the advanced biotechnology research equipment already situated in the Park, Vitargent saved tens of millions of research costs and sped up the launch of its biological toxicology testing technology to the market ensuring the public benefited from their invention as quickly as practical.

Non-animal in vivo testing method


Vitargent has invented the first-in-the-world “transgenic medaka fish” and “zebrafish” embryo toxicity (FET) test technologies, which are able to comprehensively and effectively can screen over 1,000 toxins in 48 to 72 hours after the sample has been inoculated. This method is fast and cost-effective, and can be used in many areas such as food, medicine, cosmetics, as well as monitoring the sewage system.

  1. 日内瓦国际发明展至高荣誉大奖
    Grand Prix Du Salon International Des Invention De Genève
  2. 评审团嘉许金奖
    Gold Medal
    (congratulations from the jury)
  3. 中国代表团奖
    Honourable Mention, China Delegation of Invention and Innovation

Well Being Digital Ltd


Well Being Digital (WBD101) is a Hong Kong based company that aims to enable affordable & accurate underlying technologies for mHealth/wearable devices.

Multi-optical sensor blood flow analysis


Multi-optical sensor blood flow analysis is helping to improve the functions and qualities of wearable products with the development of a multi-optical sensor to monitor the progress of athletes and fitness personnel.

  1. 金奖
    Gold medal
  2. 罗马尼亚教育及科学创新研究代表团特别大奖
    AWARD of the Romanian Delegation Ministry of Education and Scientific Research National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation

香港科技园公司率领科学园内六家科技公司,在瑞士着名的 「第43届日内瓦国际发明展」取得骄人成绩,凯旋而归。


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关於香港科技园公司 香港科技园公司乃於2001年5月成立之法定机构,负责规划及管理科学园丶创新中心及工业邨,致力营造富有活力的创新及科技生态圈,积极连系各持份者,培育科技人才及促进交流协作,带动创新发展,为香港以至整个区域缔造社会及经济效益。 自成立以来,我们透过发展重点科技领域,包括电子工程丶资讯及通讯科技丶绿色科技丶生物医疗丶新物料及精密工程,带领香港成为地区的创新及科技枢纽。为协助科技公司孕育意念丶创新及发展,我们提供科研设施及基础建设,设置市场主导的实验室及技术中心,并附设技术支援服务。我们亦提供多项增值服务及专为新创科技企业而设的创业培育计划,支援全面,协助他们加快发展业务。驻扎於科学园的科技企业能够透过我们的专业服务及科研设施,进行应用研究及产品开发;从事设计的企业可以於创新中心获得设计相关的支援;而技术密集型的企业则可受惠於大埔丶将军澳及元朗三个工业邨所提供的服务。更多详情,请浏览。



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