Catalysing translational research from bench to bedside with HKSTP


Catalysing clinical translation to bring innovative, life-changing therapies and technologies to patients, the Clinical Translational Catalyst (CTC) is a highly specialized platform to provide all-round support to biomedical companies in pre-clinical and early clinical stage.

Under this programme, Financial Support will be provided to biomedical companies of HKSTP with highly promising pre-clinical/ clinical projects. In addition, a Professional Network of key stakeholders are engaged by CTC team to work together with your product development towards attaining regulatory approvals, conducting clinical trials and achieving commercialisation. To transform Hong Kong as a leading clinical translational research hub within the region, an overarching Clinical Translational Consortium has been established.


Financial Support

Regulatory Affairs Funding Scheme

Subsidise 50% of expenditure for preclinical/nonclinical activities for

  • Therapeutics, up to HK$4 million
  • Class III medical devices, up to HK$2.5 million
  • De novo medical devices, up to HK$1 million
  • Class II medical devices, up to HK$0.5 million

Clinical Trial Funding Scheme

Subsidise 50% of expenditure for clinical trials for therapeutics and medical devices, up to HK$8 million.


You are eligible to apply for this highly selective programme if:

  • You are an existing HKSTP tenant*
  • You have at least 3 full-time staffs working at your leased premises at HKSTP
  • You will remain as HKSTP tenant for the entire term of the funding scheme
  • The project coordinator and project team are full-time employees of your company at HKSTP

* Companies which are not HKSTP tenants should first apply for tenancy


Who's IN?


Professional Network

Providing access to scientific, clinical, technical and regulatory experts, as well as commercial partners, our Professional Network Support is available for catalysing the translation of novel and breakthrough biomedical technologies from pre-clinical to clinical development stage.  

Support available via the Professional Network

  • Learn about the latest regulatory updates via webinars and workshops
  • Connect with experts to understand the regulatory approval and clinical trial processes
  • Establish your network of principal investigators, technical experts and commercial partners (e.g. CROs, CDMOs and CMOs)

ASK CTC! is a specialized HELPDESK designed to help biomedical companies to kick-start their translational journey towards regulatory submissions and clinical trials.



Clinical Translational Consortium

On behalf of the Hong Kong clinical research community, the Clinical Translational Consortium is established to provide strategic thought and advocacy for strengthening the clinical translation research environment.


Establish Hong Kong as a leading clinical trial hub within the region. 


Strengthen Hong Kong’s clinical trial environment by leveraging the combined strengths of Hong Kong and the rest of the Greater Bay Area.


  • Provide strategic thoughts and implement ideas to strengthen local clinical research environment and enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong as a clinical trial hub
  • Build an information platform and provide the industry, academic, and public with compendious information about clinical trials in Hong Kong
  • Promote Hong Kong as a clinical trial hub and attract national and overseas biomedical companies landing in Hong Kong 

Our Consortium Members

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