Material and Precision Engineering Cluster

Invent new materials and improve what’s already in use. Leverage precision engineering to launch innovative products. Here, the possibilities of your impact on consumer and industrial markets are endless.

At HKSTP, access state-of-the-art labs and technical centres, as well as one-stop services to companies that drive R&D and product development. Make a real difference to manufacturing in a variety of industries, from aerospace and transportation to power and renewable energy.

Our Facilities and Services

Robotics Catalysing Centre

Get the robotics support you need throughout your development cycle at our flexible work space. We will be expanding the centre into a new 25,000 square foot space, where you can access enhanced lab facilities and services as well as a Robotics Garage.

AI Plug

Achieve more technological breakthroughs with our community of A.I companies, service providers, industries and talent.

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