Information and Communications Technology Cluster

Cutting-edge infrastructure, high quality talent and savvy mobile users make Hong Kong the ideal place to advance ICT innovation.

At HKSTP, we open up opportunities to create cloud computing, big data analytics, IoT and 5G solutions that drive Hong Kong’s smart city development. Tap into shared labs, comprehensive technical assistance and partnership opportunities through our thriving ICT ecosystem. We focus on 5 areas including 1. AI & Big Data, 2.Communications Technology, 3.Digital Business Solutions, 4.Digital Living and 5.FinTech.

Our Facilities and Services

Data Studio

Co-create data applications with the business sector and the developer community.

Smart City Innovation Centre

Drive wireless innovation in the first purpose-built 5G innovation lab in Hong Kong.

ICT Co-Working Centre

Provide dynamic workspaces (dedicated desk and room), a vibrant community and business support for startups and HKSTP incubation programme graduates.

LoRa Network and NB-IOT Testing

Get free access to the following networks and use the provided equipment to prototype, test, prove and demonstrate IoT devices.

  • LoRa network – We provide access to two sets of networks:HKSTP's network and the Government-wide IoT Network (GWIN) Harmonisation Gateway set up by EMSD.
  • Narrowband IOT (NB-IOT) Testing – Harness this service provided by licensed operators including China Mobile Hong Kong, Smartone, HKT, and Hutchison Telecommunications.

Our Programmes and Initiatives

Sensors and IoT (SIoT) Standard for Smart City

In August 2019, we hosted the Conference on Sensors and IoT (SIoT) Standard for Smart City to promote SIoT adoption in retail, transportation, construction, environmental management, healthcare and beyond.

Smart Region Living Lab

Experiment with Smart City technologies and solutions, including Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart Living and Smart People, prior to deployment.

DT Hub

Data Technology Hub (DT Hub), boasting superior data transmission capacity and world-class specifications, is serving as Hong Kong’s heart of data technology at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate (TKOIE). Developed with government funding, DT Hub o­ffers an ideal environment to set up data centres and switching centres for data transfer operations and global telecommunications, and caters for data centre support, multi-media processing and R&D activities.

5G Testbed

Trial 5G network applications and collaborate with industry partners in Science Park with leading mobile network services providers and technology providers.


For industry leaders looking to take their innovations to the next level in the ICT fields, our ELITE programme provides the funding, investment and business support you need to catalyse R&D within your company.


Get your solution in front of the market. Expand your presence through our connections with innovation expos and international roadshows. In the past, we enabled our partner companies showcase their work to the world at the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) technology show and conference in Barcelona.

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