Green Technology Cluster

The environmental challenges of today are the opportunities of tomorrow. We see climate change, air pollution and water shortage as an opportunity to develop green technologies that will change the world for the better. Let’s build a more sustainable economy together.

Through our living laboratory, leverage highly-customised labs and technical centres to develop, test and commercialise your green solutions. Whether you’re optimising energy efficiency, finding better ways to dispose of waste or building the next generation of electric cars, find all the support you need here. 

Our Facilities and Services

Autonomous Vehicle Road Testing Hub

Unleash the potential of Autonomous Self Driving vehicles in our fully fenced off testing area, featuring different road tracks and traffic scenarios for testing unmanned driving.

Sensor Hub

Monitor ambient and environmental conditions using sensors and IoT technologies to yield real-time data for analysis.

Our Programmes and Initiatives

Air Purification Technology

Breathe easy with state-of-the-art air purification technology on our campus, powered by a smart IoT monitoring system.

Drinking Water Stations

Access safe, clean drinking water anywhere on our campus while saving the earth from plastic bottles.

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