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A living lab, HKSTP is a driving force behind smart city development. Leveraging Hong Kong’s hyper connectivity, we help you advance your innovations in Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart Mobility and Smart People.

Designated as a Smart Region Living Lab by the Hong Kong government’s Smart City Blueprint, Science Park is a testbed for trailblazing innovation, piloting cutting-edge solutions and fostering the adoption of new technologies. In the past, we’ve trialled technologies such from unmanned retail and autonomous driving to IoT green walls and 5G antennas.

Accelerate your growth in core enabling technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, data analytics, edge computing and more. Given the importance of sensors in Smart City solutions, we also offer dedicated support in terms of hardware and software hub programmes for the full development cycle of sensors. Lower development cost and accelerate your products’ development cycle with our support services, including piloting back-end production, such as packaging and integration, and testing. Whether you are a start-up or mid-sized financial institution, your new technologies and solutions can be tested and applied on our campus. All valuable data and feedback are collected to enable future innovations.

Data collected from all the smart city projects will be published in Data Studio, which is a collaborative platform providing real-time datasets and data technology for developers to develop proof of concept applications. Data Studio is part of the HKSTP’s Smart City Platform and aims to stimulate the development of innovation & technology solutions which generate economic and social value from open data and big data. Start-ups and SMEs can use this secure experimental platform for trials when they look for new solutions and innovations.

Our Programmes and Initiatives

Smart Region Living Lab

Experiment with Smart City technologies and solutions, including Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart Living and Smart People, prior to deployment.

Siemens Innovation Day

Explore the smart city landscape with over 250 business leaders, tech experts and startups.

Smart City Digital Hub

Ride the wave of Internet of Things (IoT) with the Smart City Digital Hub, which provides services for generating and analysing data to enable smart solution applications.

Annual Sensor Conference

Learn about the latest trends in advanced sensor development and meet with experts in the area through our annual Sensor Conferences. Hosted with different technology themes every year, participants can connect with leading industry players and academics to explore collaboration opportunities. In August 2019, we hosted the Conference on Sensors and IoT (SIoT) Standard for Smart City to promote SIoT adoption in retail, transportation, construction, environmental management, healthcare and beyond.

Our Facilities and Services

Data Studio

Co-create applications using real-time datasets and data technology. Get access to a catalog of Banking Open APIs from 20 banks.

An Open and Shared Sensor Lab

Develop and prototype MEMS sensors with our open and shared Sensor Lab.  The Lab supports fabrication and integration, with shared class 100 and 1000 cleanrooms equipped with related instruments. The area also leads to a complete 6”/8” silicon base foundry pilot line so you can develop your sensors with ease.

Sensor Hub Testing Platform

Monitor ambient and environmental conditions using sensors and IoT technologies to yield real-time measurement and data for further analysis. The Sensor Hub Testing Platform enables testing on the Science Park campus, so you can translate sensor designs into applications and collect data and feedback for product enhancement to accelerate your commercialisation cycle.

Smart City & IoT Directory

Explore all Smart City and IoT solutions, indexed in our directory for your convenience.

DT Hub

Data Technology Hub (DT Hub), boasting superior data transmission capacity and world-class specifications, is serving as Hong Kong’s heart of data technology at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate (TKOIE). Developed with government funding, DT Hub o­ffers an ideal environment to set up data centres and switching centres for data transfer operations and global telecommunications, and caters for data centre support, multi-media processing and R&D activities.

5G Testbed

Trial 5G network applications and collaborate with industry partners in Science Park with leading mobile network services providers and technology providers.

Hong Kong Open Lab

Trial 5G network applications and collaborate with industry partners in our collaborative lab with China Mobile.

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