Biomedical Technology

Solve humanity’s most pressing healthcare challenges through biomedical technology.

Healthcare systems around the world are facing unprecedented challenges. Issues like prolonged wait time and lack of access are further complicated by the rise of mental illnesses, disability and infectious diseases. Harnessing biomedical technology allows us to face these problems head on and solve humanity’s most pressing needs. Accelerating the commercialization and adoption of cutting-edge biomedical technology helps streamline hospital visits and deliver timely services. Join us to make healthcare safer, more accessible and affordable for you and future generations to come.

A leading provider of some of the world’s most innovative biomedical solutions, Hong Kong possesses a unique set of advantages, including:

  • A robust IP protection and legal system; 
  • Talent from top-tier universities;
  • An efficient health-care system with globally-recognized clinical trials centers;
  • Active capital market including the pre-revenue IPO biotech chapter at HKEX;
  • Easy access to fast-growing markets;
  • Dedicated policy support;
  • World-class infrastructure and cosmopolitan lifestyle

At HKSTP, our 140+ biotech partner companies are taking research from bench to bedside. We’re uniting leaders in the field to advance solutions including diagnostics technologies,  medical devices, pharmaceutics, stem cell & regenerative medicine, traditional chinese medicine and more

HKSTP is uniquely positioned to integrate all shareholders from research institutions, industry, public agencies, practitioners and end-users to address a wide array of healthcare concerns. By providing quality infrastructure and technical support throughout the development cycle, incubation programs and partnerships, we help you expedite your R&D process and prepare for commercialization. With a variety of technology platforms at your disposal from prevention and diagnosis to treatment, monitoring, and rehabilitation, join hands with us to custom-build treatment options to address patients’ varying needs. Leverage our around-the-clock support and resources to create ground-breaking tests and tools that will make a real impact on healthcare systems worldwide.

Our Programmes and Initiatives


We are the budding biotech startup’s companion in the long journey of research commercialisation. Our Incu-Bio incubation programme provides you with the funding support and equipment you need so your solution can take off and change the world for the better.  

Clinical Translational Catalyst (CTC)

Take your therapeutics and medical devices innovation to the next stage of development with targeted funding and professional support under the programme. We help you catalyse the translation of your research from bench to bedside.


For industry leaders looking to take their innovations to the next level in the biomedical field, our ELITE programme provides the funding, investment and business support you need to catalyse R&D within your company. 

Medical Technology Integration Consortium (MedICon)

MedICon expedites partnerships among I&T companies to collaborate on complementary R&D projects. Companies work together to create synergistic solutions for healthcare integration.


Get your solution in front of the healthcare market. Expand your presence through our connections with innovation expos, healthcare organisations and international roadshows. In the past, we helped our partner companies showcase their work to over 40,000 visitors at the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2018.

Our Facilities and Services 

Biomedical Technology Support Centre 

A Life Science R&D centre where you can find the latest tools and technical services to support biomedical innovation.

Healthcare Devices Innovation Hub 

A cutting-edge space with shared workstations and a prototype sharing room to accelerate medical device development.

Chemical Co-Working Centre

State-of-the-art wet laboratories for R&D activities.


Access high quality biospecimens from various research areas for innovative discoveries.

GMP Facilities (Cell Processing)

Develop Advanced Therapy Products (ATPs) with our PIC/S-certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities.

Biomedical Informatics Platform

Collaborate with researchers to drive research and discoveries with our cloud-based data ecosystem.

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