AI & Robotics

In a world of disruptive technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics opens up new possibilities to disrupt traditional industries. Ride the next wave of change with us.

Our thriving AI and Robotics community boasts over 100 companies with groundbreaking solutions. Find new technologies such as the fully-automated smart express centre, the Robi3 Robotic ice cream machine, and the unmanned shop T-SHOP & LAB being tested on our Smart Campus. We connect the supply side and demand side to accelerate industry adoption of robotics and automation systems, so you can explore unprecedented opportunities.

Our Programmes and Initiatives


Collaborate with top-notch local, Mainland and overseas universities, scientific R&D institutions and enterprises at our research cluster dedicated to AI and robotics technologies.


We’ve partnered with Alibaba and SenseTime to create a co-acceleration programme for AI talent. The programme provides funding, business connections and working space to push the frontiers of AI innovation. Since October 2018, we’ve accelerated seven startups solving diverse challenges from urban planning to influencer marketing.

AI+U: Explore and Experience Exhibition

We host an annual AI showcase aimed at accelerating the application of AI technologies in different industries. Our first event, held in March 2019, connected 70 partner companies in AI with almost 1,000 industry players.

AI Chips Summit

As part of HKSTP’s thought leadership series, we bring together tech experts, industry players, academics and park entrepreneurs to discuss the future of AI chip development. Through inspiring panels and keynote discussions, share and learn about the best machine learning-based design methods out there. 


Every year, we host Robocon to spark interest in STEM through hands-on design among next-gen innovators. We challenge local university students to build robotic prototypes that complete tasks and overcome obstacles. At our Robotics Garage, they can access professional fabrication machinery and technical consultation to bring their ideas to life. See the next generation unleash their creative and engineering talents. 

Mini Robocon

We’ve partnered with the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers to host Mini Robocon, a contest where local secondary students can put their engineering knowledge into practice. Students compete to design a robot that can beat a series of challenges, helping them understand how mechanical engineering and information technology work in real life.  

SciTech Challenge 

Our SciTech Challenge strives to nurture the next generation of AIR pioneers. The last Challenge, held from March to September 2018 in partnership with Arrow Electronics, rallied 40 teams to develop innovative solutions around home care. 

Construction Industry Council Strategic Alliance

Explore technology adoption opportunities in a construction industry looking for construction robotics and automation systems.

Our Facilities and Services

Robotics Catalysing Centre

Get the robotics support you need throughout your development cycle at our flexible work space. Access enhanced lab facilities and services such as a FabLab and FlexLab in this 25,000 square foot space.

AI Plug

Achieve more technological breakthroughs with our strong community of A.I companies, service providers, industries and talent through our membership programme.

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