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HKSTP Shares Test Results of Environmental Assessment at Hong Kong Science Park

03 Jan 2020

Hong Kong, 3 January 2020 – To ensure a safe and healthy environment for the working population and visitors in the Park, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) appointed an independent accredited laboratory to conduct environmental assessment of the Hong Kong Science Park. The assessment was conducted in two phases. HKSTP has received the results from the first phase of the tests (details are appended below).

The test results for contaminants are benchmarked against the reference limits listed in the authoritative documents of relevant local or international authorities/institutions. The first phase of assessment was conducted in early December 2019 and involved the collection of air, soil and water samples from four outdoor locations in and near the Park covering the areas near the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the areas facing Tolo Harbour Highway and Tolo Harbour, as well as the central parts of the Park (refer to Appendix). All of the results are below the level as required by the reference documents.

The test results are summarised as follows:

1) Soil samples: Building 2E, 9W, 12W and Central Lake

Contaminant Test Result Reference Level Document
Dioxins 3.7-4.0 pg/g 1000pg/g Risk-based Remediation Goals, (RBRGs) for Soil (Public Parks) published by EPD, HKSAR


2) Water samples: Building 2E, 2W, 12W and Central Lake

Contaminant Test Result Reference Level Document
Dioxins below 4.9pg/L 30pg/L Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) given in National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR) by EPA, USA


3) Air samples: Building 2E , 6W, 12E and 12W

Contaminant Test Result Reference Level Document
Dioxins 0.045-0.065pg TEQ/m3 0.1pg TEQ/m3 24hr averaging time limit under the Ontario’s Ambient Air Quality Criteria, (AAQC) Canada


The second phase of assessment will cover all buildings in Science Park. The independent accredited laboratory appointed by HKSTP has already completed the collection of environmental samples around the Park in late December 2019. Results of the second phase assessment is expected to be released in March 2020.


soil sample collection

water sample collectionair sample collection




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