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HKSTP INNOPARK Sparks “Innofacturing Tomorrow” to Maximise Hong Kong’s Potential to Propel Economic Growth through Re-industrialisation

MARS Centre at Tai Po INNOPARK will be in operation early next year and INNOPARK is ready to fuel new industry growth, nurture talent and maximise HK’s advanced manufacturing capabilities

26 Nov 2021

Photo 1: Dr. Sunny Chai, BBS, JP, Chairman of HKSTP, addressed the re-positioning of the three industrial estates in Tai Po, Tseung Kwan O and Yuen Long to INNOPARK, and the key eight guiding principles to foster the development of re-industrialisation in his welcoming remarks at the INNOPARK event.

Photo 2: Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP announced the launch of the purpose-built MARS Centre (MARS) in Tai Po INNOPARK – a dedicated facility to support the manufacturing of medical supplies.

Photo 3: Mr. Alfred Sit, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology (middle); Ms. Annie Choi, JP, Permanent Secretary for Innovation and Technology (2nd from right); Ms. Rebecca Pun, JP, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology (right); Dr. Sunny Chai, BBS, JP, Chairman of HKSTP (2nd from left) and Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP (left), co-hosted the INNOPARK Activation and MARS Centre Announcement Ceremony.



Photo 4&5: HKSTP hosted two fireside chats with industrial veterans and the next generation of innofacturers to discuss how INNOPARK drives a new era of economic growth and I&T opportunities.

Photo 6: Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP (middle) and Dr. H.L. Yiu, Head of Re-industralisation of HKSTP (2nd from right), together with innofacturers, including Mr. Simon Yeung, COO, Time Medical Systems (left), Mr. Edmond Yau, Founder & CEO, Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited (2nd from left) and Mr. Ryan Lee, CEO, Shan Ho Asia Pacific Limited (right) shared their insights and experience with the media on how “Innofacturing” can showcase Hong Kong’s unique I&T strengths.

(Hong Kong, 26 November 2021) Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) hosted the INNOPARK Activation Ceremony to officially re-position its three industrial estates in Tai Po, Tseung Kwan O and Yuen Long into INNOPARK – a vision to drive re-industrialisation and a new era of economic growth and I&T opportunities.

HKSTP is approaching 20 years of making innovation happen in Hong Kong and the activation of INNOPARK via the launch of the MARS Centre (MARS) for medical and precision manufacturing in Tai Po is the first major step in this next stage of I&T fuelled growth. The three INNOPARKs aim to unlock new opportunities with the “Innofacturing” concept, which infuses innovation into existing industries with advanced technologies such as AI, robotics, data analytics and IoT among others.

The new MARS at Tai Po INNOPARK is dedicated to the manufacturing of medical supplies such as high-quality surgical masks and personal protection equipment (“PPE”), medical devices and related equipment. Such products demand superior levels of precision, hygiene and higher quality at all levels of the production cycle. MARS is “built-to-fit” for advanced industries and aspirational industrialists keen to leverage Hong Kong’s R&D, talent and international standards to run critical processes and scale up production.

MARS will be fully occupied by 11 local and international innofacturers, primarily in the areas of medical services and goods, plus food and manufacturing-related processes. The combination of advanced infrastructure with international-grade facilities is a sign of Hong Kong’s growing advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Albert Wong, CEO, HKSTP, said: “As HKSTP approaches 20 years of making innovation happen, we will double down our commitment to bolstering the development of the entire I&T ecosystem. We believe the three INNOPARKs will add vigour to I&T development in Hong Kong while contributing to Hong Kong’s next era of economic growth. The inception of MARS Centre will provide comprehensive support to companies who specialise in manufacturing  medical supplies and also accelerate local R&D and production processes. Meanwhile, the INNOPARKs will support new-economy industries through innovative technologies and products that are innovated, designed and made in Hong Kong, with the goal of elevating Hong Kong’s I&T status in the global arena.”

Eight Guiding Principles to Foster Re-Industrialisation

To strengthen the entire I&T ecosystem from R&D to manufacturing, the INNOPARKs will help industrialists and pioneers accelerate their research into innovation-driven manufacturing or “innofacturing” and market-ready offerings in areas like advanced manufacturing.

HKSTP has established eight guiding principles to enable I&T-driven re-industrialisation. These include: output as to economic value-add contribution; investment in capital expenditure for equipment together with fit-out or building construction; high-skilled employment creation; advanced technology content or novel application in products or services; advanced process applied in the manufacturing of products or delivery of services; R&D activities and capabilities; local consumption for stable supply chain; sustainability in terms of business, environment or resources.

HKSTP believes talent is imperative to Hong Kong’s innovation goal to fuel growth in the digital economy. The three INNOPARKs will nurture and upskill young talent and groom the next generation of innovators and technology pioneers. The INNOPARKs will also extend HKSTP’s innovation ecosystem capabilities across the city so that businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from its comprehensive value-added services and support programmes.

Today’s activation ceremony is just the beginning of INNOPARK’s upcoming journey with the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) opening in 2022 at Tseung Kwan O INNOPARK alongside the Data Technology Hub, while the Microelectronics Centre (MEC) is expected to open in 2023 at Yuen Long INNOPARK. The transformed INNOPARKs will drive HKSTP’s mission to spark new opportunities, nurture a future of bright and promising new careers and realise Hong Kong’s next era of economic growth, driven by innovation and technology.

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