Having established Hong Kong’s first Smart Region, Hong Kong Science Park creates the ideal testbed for pushing forward Hong Kong’s Smart City vision, leveraging Hong Kong’s attributes of dense population, efficiency, world-class ICT infrastructure and high Internet connectivity.

Science Park as a living laboratory supports and pilots innovative solutions and the adoption of new technologies. Our data platform provides the gateway to a wealth of machine readable data sets from industry and government, thereby fostering a collaborative platform for the ecosystem and the business sector to share ideas and co-create data applications to deliver socio-economic benefits.

Through a concerted approach to facilitate smart city development, we aim to accelerate the development of core enabling technologies, including artificial intelligence, block-chain, cyber security, data analytics, edge computing and create a sandbox for fintech solutions for different types of companies, from start-ups to mid-size finance institutions.



Key Facilities

Data Studio

Data Studio

A collaborative platform providing real-time datasets and data technology for developers to create proof of concept applications

Sensor Packaging and Integration Lab

Complete with a shared cleanroom and technical support and consultation services to provide support throughout the full development cycle of sensors

Sensor Hub

Monitor ambient and environmental conditions using sensors and IoT technologies to yield real-time measurement and data for further analysis



Smart City Innovation Centre

The first 5G innovation lab in Hong Kong purpose-designed with targeted resources to facilitate 5G development

Sigfox IoT Network

Free access to the Sigfox network and trial equipment to facilitate Sigfox-based IoT device prototyping, testing, proof of concept and demonstration

Smart Region Living Lab

We set up the smart region which is a “living lab” for piloting innovative solutions using technologies from the incubatees and partner companies in Science Park.

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