Innovation in electronics is critical for driving the development of robotics. To enhance Hong Kong’s advantages in robotics, Science Park offers total solutions to facilitate the R&D of electronics innovations.

Science Park is equipped with highly-tailorable time-shared labs or technical centres staffed by experienced engineers ready to offer technical support. Partner companies can access advanced equipment for 3D printing with metals or plastics and other facilities for prototyping. Our goal is to help partner companies minimise costs, reduce time to market and ensure IP protection.


Key Facilities and Services

3D System-in-Package (SiP) Laboratory

A joint facility with ASTRI to provide advanced IC packaging R&D and small volume pilot production to the industry

IC Test Development & Pilot Production

Comprehensive services for IC test development and pilot production, plus equipment for full wafer probing and MPW wafer manual probing


 IC Failure Analysis

Fitted with advanced test equipment to support product analysis for semiconductor devices and electronic products

Reliability Testing

Equipped for product life simulation and environmental room simulation for semiconductor devices and electronic products

EDA Tools Sub-license Service

A wide range of EDA tools with EDA licenses accessible remotely via optic fibre connection

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