HKSTP and HK01 launches the “The Keywords of Health, Innovation and Technology” video series in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong. Through the 3 themes of “Protecting Wellbeing through Spreading Love”, “Raising the City’s Health Index with I&T” and “Discoveries in BioTech”, the series of 8 episodes demonstrates the breakthroughs and improvements brought on by R&D in Science Park. Find out how I&T benefits society and public health through better living environments, diagnostics technologies and drug discoveries.

Keeping indoor environments clean is essential during the pandemic. HKSTP startups Bravolinear and Ecolink talk about how they protect public health through air quality-enhancing technological innovations: a wall and a piece of net.

Air-purifying tech company RHT Industries and liquid biopsy tech company Sanomics encourage and show care for medical workers through supportive actions, to fight the epidemic alongside the city.

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