"Tech for Good" gathers dedicated tech experts to talk about I&T at HKSTP @Wheelock Gallery. Tech journalist Wan Sze Zit interviews guest speakers about the excitement of entrepreneurship and the drive of making innovation dreams come to life for the better. Join our like-minded innovators on their startup journey. Discover how members of the I&T community can take technology to the next level through sheer determination while creating a better world through innovation. (Interviews are conducted in Cantonese.)

Hong Kong-based Aptorum Therapeutics, currently in the pre-clinical phase of development, focuses on finding cures for rare diseases, also known as “orphan diseases”. Its founder Ian Huen says the company combines big data with artificial intelligence to analyse whether drugs already in the market can be used to treat rare diseases. It also works with local universities in the hope ...

Blockchain Solutions’ CEO Jase Leung is a local blockchain pioneer. The company partners with the regional authorities of Labuan in Malaysia to develop multiple blockchain applications to support e-payment and cultural relics certification for application in sports, medical, cultural, educational and spiritual tourism.

Chain Technology Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Wisdom Chan pioneered a Hybrid Reality Platform to translate geographical and construction data into 3D models, making it the “Slack” of the construction industry. The platform is also used by HK International Airport and Science Park. Find out how he knows when to stop being stubborn and change course.

Free use of technology works not only in the consumer market. After years of working on an IoT energy management platform, CityTone's CEO Steven Yeung has introduced an innovative “no charge” business model for offering IoT equipment and services to clients – he takes a cut of the clients’ savings on their energy bills instead. He is keen to expand to other parts of ...

CryptoBLK Founder and CEO Duncan Wong applies blockchain to elevate the transparency and cost-effectiveness of trade financing. How did the company consolidate its base in Hong Kong to reach across Europe, America and Asia, and what’s next?

Being young is an asset in the startup world because it’s a time to be fearless about disruption and young people have time on their side. They also learn fast and adapt quickly. The Dayta AI team has an average age of 24. Under the leadership of Patrick Tu, the team hailing from HKUST is set to bring about an AI revolution in retail.

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