People of Science Park

They dare to dream, disrupt and deliver. They inject life and soul into our innovation community, and stand tall as pillars of tomorrow’s creative world.


From gaming to starting a business

Jun found business opportunities through his childhood addiction to game cards. Today he leads a team of 40 people managing and operating an unconventional platform for suppliers and sellers to tap the potentail of e-commerce.

Perfecting creativity

It takes outside-the-box thinking to create extraordinary innovation. And it takes R&D technology to transform a design concept into an extraordinary product. Learn how the perfect amalgamation of design and R&D is enabling lots of possibilities and creating legends.

Party hard to innovate

After making their biggest-ever deal, the first thing the members of this start-up did was, get this…learn to play FIFA! They turned their office into a gaming arcade! Watch these 10 self-starters as they party hard and come up with creative ideas.

Venturing into uncharted market

Joe has a stellar background with the US health authorities and Silicon Valley. Now an honorary assistant professor at HKU’s Med School, he has developed a first-of-its-kind pet heart-rate measuring device, Aniwear. See how he took care of the tech aspects, thought through the marketing issues, before fine-tuning the product to perfectly meet market needs.

Nothing's gonna stop him now

He has been through hell and back, recovering from a paralysing illness. But Jeffrey finds strength through the experience. As he regains his health, he puts his energy into teaching programming to young people.

If men can, so can she

She started from scratch from her university days, and fought her way into a male-dominated industry. Today it could be called BoBo's brilliant career. After years of hard work, her company now boasts more than 1,000 clients, among them listed companies, major brands and SMEs.

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