People of Science Park

They dare to dream, disrupt and deliver. They inject life and soul into our innovation community, and stand tall as pillars of tomorrow’s creative world.


From gaming to starting a business

Jun found business opportunities through his childhood addiction to game cards. Today he leads a team of 40 people managing and operating an unconventional platform for suppliers and sellers to tap the potentail of e-commerce.

The couple that innovate together, stay together

The road to success is often littered with disputes. Would starting a business together make a couple feel closer, or argue more? A techie couple who have been together since their university days tell their story.

Unsung heroes @ SP

More than 10,000 people work at Science Park. But who labours behind the scenes to make everything work? Hear first hand from a Call Centre colleague who manages calls, a mini-bus driver who shuttles workers to and from Science Park, an Event Team member who reorganises venues daily after use, and a security guard who helps keep our Park safe.

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