Inno Wonderland

HKSTP and Open TV jointly present Inno Wonderland, the first travel show of its kind about innovation and technology. Tech expert Francis Fong will take us on an expedition to uncover surprises in all corners of Science Park. He and co-hosts Omi Kwong and Lisa Lee will take us on a search for unique, novel, fun and useful inventions.

Behold the beauty of life

Sensor-fitted gym clothes can tell immediately if you’re exercising with the right posture. A blockchain diamond trading platform helps track the life history of every precious stone. RFID technology delivers a novel retail experience. An air-purifying lamp looks good and also works brilliantly to deliver clean air indoors. They all bring more beauty to our lives.

Go green effortlessly

A smart grower lets you grow your own vegetables, soil-free and pesticide-free. An underground pipe system is created for clean and handy collection of refuse. A smart film lets you control how much light to let through the windows. These solutions make it easy for us to stay eco-friendly.

Sci-fi transportation coming to life

Autonomous cars will become an important mode of transportation in the future. Flight simulators let more young people live the dream of piloting a plane. Get acquainted with a mobile app that maps all the electric vehicle charging facilities in the city and helps you make a reservation for one.

A tour of tomorrow’s homes

Smart building technologies are helping to create livable environments for the future. Let’s take a look at how virtual reality platforms help builders and property management companies make accurate projections and calculations to develop smart buildings. Check out Science Park’s smart living community, InnoCell being built with Modular Integrated Construction technology.

Health check with AI

Technology has delivered many solutions for our well-being. Artificial intelligence analytic software can quickly screen for risks of diabetic eye disease. AI can also quickly assess the onset of Alzheimer’s after MRI scans. The wearable device can be used to measure brainwaves for evaluating your attention and emotional state. Sensor-fitted contraptions can make it more fun for the elderly to exercise.

The bots have it

Robots are becoming man’s best friend. Sophia can hold a conversation on her own, with the right facial expressions to boot. The robotic manager of an unmanned storage facility doesn’t need to take a break, ever. There’s even a robot that specialises in writing “Happy Birthday” endlessly, and agile robotic arms that help SMEs improve their efficiency.

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