24 Hours in Science Park

“24 Hours in Science Park” is an I&T documentary produced by HKSTP in partnership with Commercial Radio. From January 16, 2019, the series will be aired on social media every Wednesday for 12 weeks. The journey of innovation is filled with challenges. Follow the show to see how exhilarating it is to get through the painstaking process, and explore the cutting-edge technologies emerging from Science Park.

2019 will be an even more exciting year for innovation and technology. As a key enabler of our I&T ecosystem, we offer the strongest backing for frontline R&D professionals. We need your support too to give impetus to I&T development. Please tune in next Wednesday to watch “24 Hours in Science Park”.

Thank you for watching "24 Hours in Science Park"

It comes to the end of this documentary series. Edward Lui, Principal Reporter of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, has talked to innovation & tech practitioners in Hong Kong Science Park and learned that here is an I&T fertile ground full of vibrancy, creativity and endless possibilities. He was deeply impressed by those young and passionate talent here who formulates and realises innovative solutions for the good of the community.

Innovation & Technology Talent Pool

To stay competitive in an ever-changing market, human resource is of paramount importance to the development of any tech enterprises, particularly startups. With relatively limited resources, startups can benefit from talent sponsorship scheme, to recruit top talent in the innovation and technology (I&T) sector by offering attractive remuneration packages at affordable costs.


FinTech, or financial technology, covers grounds as varied as electronic payment, Big Data analysis, apps, platform building and network security. It aims to enhance the efficiency of financial services, offer more conveniences to users at large, while creating opportunities for the financial sector. In fact, FinTech has emerged as an independent discipline of practice in recent years and FinTech enterprises in HKSTP have thrived thanks to the Park’s full support on all fronts. We aspire to make connections with more finance-related organizations in future, fostering a platform upon which FinTech companies take off.

Global Acceleration Academy

Global Acceleration Academy (GAA) is an intensive business skills training programme for startups. It connects startups with world-class pioneers from various sectors to convert their revolutionary ideas into commercial solutions with promising market value, helping them thrive in Asia and beyond.

Incubation Programme

With our highly effective incubation programmes, HKSTP inspires technology startups to turn their innovative ideas into products or solutions with substantial market value. Meanwhile, our mentorship programme is the guiding light for all startups treading into the unknown territory, leading them on the way forward for commercial success and business development.

Startup investment services

Sufficient funding is imperative to any startup that seeks development in R&D. To boost their chance of raising capital, HKSTP provides compendious support on startup investment. By connecting startups with Angel Investment, Venture Capital and corporate investors, and hosting regular investment and business matching sessions, HKSTP lets startups present their creative plans to prospective investors for possible joint ventures or partnerships.

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