Innovator’s Playground

With a 20-year history of transforming lives through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, HKSTP has been propelling success beyond borders for creative minds and daring leaders around the globe, accelerating ambitions and delivering positive impact from Hong Kong to the world.

Leveraging our 20th Anniversary, HKSTP has collaborated with HKWALLS to create this floor art connecting and building relationships with the community through high-quality public art. Visually portraying our goal to be “A playground for all innovators” and showcasing images of HKSTP innovation pins and geometric images, the imaginative artwork brings to life a creative platform bred under the iconic Charles K. Kao Auditorium (a.k.a. Golden Egg) as well as HKSTP’s “Work. Live. Play. Learn” culture. Adopting different abstract patterns, the art demonstrates variety and possibility, engaging and inspiring visitors, fully epitomising how innovation starts here at HKSTP.

HKWALLS is a non-profit arts organisation focused on creating opportunities for Hong Kong and international artists to showcase their talent in the realms of street art, graffiti and muralism.

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