Simon Yeung

COO, Time Medical Limited

Simon Yeung is the Group COO and Co-Founder of Time Medical Limited, a medical diagnostic imaging company bringing people advanced, accessible, and affordable imaging services. He oversees the development of the company's ProdivaX, a remote big data cloud platform allowing experts worldwide to read Time Medical's uploaded image data from any device. Yeung also drives Time Medical's deep learning initiatives, including AIKit, which simplifies medical and health clinical needs. He specialised in ultra-high field chemical shift imaging (CSI) while at Columbia University, and developed a special Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) pulse sequence for superconducting MRI coils at NIH Interventional Laboratory at Harvard Medical School. With 20 years of experience in MRI developments and industrial healthcare, Yeung is also interested in developing a specialised MRI system dedicated to equine healthcare.

“Cultivate your innovations along with what interests and inspires you.”