Edmond Wu

Managing Director, Calbee Four Seas Company Limited

Edmond Wu has helped build Calbee into the snack food market leader it is today. Leading the Hong Kong team and starting from scratch, he was able to set up the company’s manufacturing base in Science Park to support the brand’s “Freshness” concept, as well as promote appreciation for Calbee’s naturally sourced ingredients among Hong Kong consumers. Their snack products in standing pouch type with individual packs inside have transformed the eating habits of consumers, and their locally flavoured snacks, which are now exported overseas, have helped promote Hong Kong cuisine among international consumers. Calbee has since expanded, setting up new manufacturing bases in China and overseas.

“Set your eyes globally, but your hands locally. Hong Kong offers competitive logistics and supply chain advantages. Also, innovation is not limited to those with technological backgrounds. Be open to new ideas and be willing to expand your horizon.”