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Hazedawn Limited

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We have an experienced and dedicated team equipped with strong expertise on technical development, technological changes and industrial systems. We are committed to provide the best and most economical solutions to our valued customers.

With over 10 years of experience and technical knowledge, we are here to produce various advanced industrial applications based on different needs of technology. Our team of professionals and supporting personnel are ready to develop infrastructure related IT projects, general internal system and site revamping for our customers. We build what is right for our customers.

Gameffy is the newest and one of the most popular PHP based gaming forum. It is a gaming project that is free to register and use. It enables the users to create and manage the gaming forums with access to extensive administration panel with tons of customization options. From the game to Gameffy, users can handle the gaming data to understand better for their next battle. Making use of the data to understand the game, through the data to help to improve their skillset.

The basic functionalities allow Gameffy for user registration, board creation, private message, and profile customization.
Optimize the current forum technical issue, the gaming data to user content is the key linkage of both. Users can also read all the game contents to set up a strategy for a better gaming experience. For the gamers lead, they can upload their walkthrough or interesting gaming experience to allow them to show their gaming skill and to interact with similar gamers.

The Gameffy community provides a gaming event with online gaming league. It allows users to group their friends and join the competition online and meet different online gamers through Gameffy. Provide with the setting for team setup and strategy suggestion just from Gameffy.

It offers two control panels for administrators and moderators. The admin can control all the aspects of the forum while the moderators can be limited to certain rights and access within the forum. The more you play with us, the more and better rights you will obtain and enjoy our special offers to users.