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Appcider Limited

Unit 343, 3/F, Building 19W No. 19 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, H.K. HK
Mr. Ryan Chan

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Appcider is co-founded by 4 founders who held leading position in technology companies at North America and with over 10-year experience in enterprise software and cloud-based solution.

Our mission is to deliver fully automated software solution, from system design, development to system integration, in order to realise customers' idea to production system. Companies from different industrial sectors could increase operational efficiency and optimise business workflow by our next generation software solution, which utilises cloud-based, ERP workflow, online payment, mobile and web technology.

Assisting local and global companies to adopt innovative technology in traditional business operation is our vision. Our all-rounded and energetic experts not only deliver software solution with full features in high quality, and also equipped with business mindset and providing full range of consultation and professional integration service. We hope to grow with the enterprise.

A successful technology was not built up in a day. Through continuous research, development, review and market feedback, our goal is to improve the world through engineering and technology. As our name APPcider, we will continue develop exciting software application to improve the life.

We believe most of you having the experience of online shopping, will also agree its benefits. Shipping (i.e. goods being shipped from merchant to end-consumer) becomes the key of entire operation process and user experience

Unfortunately, Online Shop Merchant, End-Consumer and Courier Company encountered many problems in current operation workflow:

For example, if online shop merchants want to connect their online shop to DHL or FedEx's automated order system to arrange delivery, it requires a deep technical knowledge. Besides, DHL and FedEx do not provide local and frozen delivery services. For consumers, there is a high demand for goods being delivered at a specific time, and hope that the online shop can provide more and best delivery options. For local logistics companies, although the company size is relatively small, they can often provide flexibility and more considerate service. Unfortunately, they cannot master the technology of connecting with online shops and the way to contact online shop merchants

There is a huge supply and demand of Shipping service - ShipAny is the all-in-one and fully end-to-end automated solution, which utilises Cloud, ERP workflow and online shop integration technology, target to accelerate the development of E-Commerce!