Events and Happenings

At HKSTP, we host exciting events to attract the brightest minds and spark new ideas. From Smart Living to IT innovations, these events are an opportunity to bring together scholars, entrepreneurs, investors and startups from around the world to share experiences, present their innovations, co-develop solutions to common challenges and create new partnerships.


15 June 2023 (Thursday)

Opening Ceremony: Advanced Therapy Products Good Manufacturing Practice Centre

16 Jun 23 (Fri)

HKSTP Ideation & Incubation Programmes Open Day

25 June 2023 (Sun)

Robocon 2023 Hong Kong Contest

June 27 to July 10, 2023

Fashion X AI: Touring Exhibition

7 July 2023

Healthcare Innovation Challenge

June 6-7, 2023

ACCESS Technology Symposium on Frontiers of AI Accelerators: Technologies, Circuits and Applications III