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Ynno Med Limited

Cubicle 13 (S86-S89), 6/F, 17W No.17 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
+852 95632710
Professor CONG MA

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Innovative medicines

YnnoMed established a platform for the discovery and development of novel drugs, using computer-assisted technology to aid in the identification of unique drug targets, rational drug design, hit screening, lead optimisation, biological evaluation, pharmacological and toxicity assessment. The use of computer-assisted technology allows us to increase the rate of success, streamline the discovery process and significantly reduce costs in pre-clinical stages of drug R&D. The deployment of this technology has resulted in our successful identification of several promising first-in-class antimicrobial drug candidates. We also work on hit compound identification for other areas of biomedical research. By accelerating the R&D efforts of both academia and the pharmaceutical industry, our products are expected to enrich the future drug market.

Ynno Med Limited takes advantage of a computer-assisted platform for new drug discovery and development, specialising in the infectious diseases area. Our patented technology involves novel antimicrobial drug candidates. Our research team pioneered the discovery and development of bacterial transcription inhibitors as novel antimicrobial agents, which demonstrated antimicrobial activity against clinically important pathogens, including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). These small-molecule chemical compounds are protected by patent filing. Two of our antimicrobial agents have obtained the international patent protection: WO 2020/001321 A1 and WO 2019/138323 A1. Our technology has proved the effectiveness at TRL 4 and now requires proof of concept as demonstrated in defined laboratory/animal models (TRL 5). The patented lead compounds are with defined new drug target, well-studied mechanism, potent antimicrobial activity against clinically relevant pathogens and low cytotoxicity. They also have a high chance for further development as a new class of antimicrobial agents with novel mode-of-action.