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Vizilog Asia Limited

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Vizilog Asia Limited is an system integrator specializing in RFID (UHF) technology providing design, installation and integration of hardware/software, integration, implementation and training, a complete solution of the RFID system.

Vizilog proactively involve in warehouse process and operation consultation and owns extensive knowledge and expertise in RFID application and system design, development, implementation.
Vizilog WMS is a RFID middleware integrated modular warehouse software enabling RFID usage in a warehouse. RFID technology ( Radio Frequency Identification) can be directly applied to provide Tracking, Tracing and Identification of items.  Vizilog has developed own proprietary RFID middleware and RFID application programs such as RFID Warehouse Mangement System (RWMS) and RFID Asset Tracking System (RFIDATS).

NoQ Attendance System
- Eliminate queuing for attendance record at work
- Plug and play kiosk
- RFID cum Facial Recognition & Multi Faces processing
- Quick Enrollment, Interactive media & FTP data sharing

RFID Assets Tracking System
- Keeping your assets in place
- Enabled on RFID handheld device
- Web based for real time update
- Photo validation
- Stock take
- Management reports

RFID Inventory Tracking System
- Optimizing inventory
- Generic WMS process embedded
- Nested Tracking Structure
- Management Reports

RFID Warehouse Management System
- Optimized to user requirements
- On site evaluation
- Inlay & form factor selection
- Accurate inventory & higher turnover
- Improved fill rate
- Dynamic replenishment enabler

RFID Mold Tracking System
- Track mold movement & record location
- Stocktake
- Reduce human searching and error
- Improves production raw materials preparation and down time