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Talos Medical Technology Co Ltd

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Talos is developing the Deep-Learning based Radiation Therapy – Cancer Treatment, suggesting new innovative clinical flow and functions by deep learning base MR Image only.

- The 1st research paper : "Signal Enhancement MRI"
<Frontier in Oncology on May Y21 >
- On May Y21 , company was listed on the finalist of “Future Health Asia Pitch Competition”
- The 2nd research paper "Study of the Quantitative Evaluation Factors for Deep Learning-based Improved Magnetic Resonance Image "<JKPS, exp on Nov Y21>.

Deep Learning Based Radiation Therapy- Cancer Treatment
: One Stop Solution diagnosis, therapy and prognosis

- Talos MR/Adapt RT :
"MR Signal Enhancement" " sCT Gerneration"
- Talos TPS/Pred
"Auto Contouring" Planning""Prognotics"
- Talos OER
" OER based dose calculation"