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Steifpower Technology Company Limited

+852 91846650
Mr. David Tang

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Steifpower Technology is founded by a team of professional (15-30 years of experience) in power semiconductor industry in 2018. We have unique technology in design and manufacturing for advanced power semiconductor products. Steifpower has strong sales channel on consumer market and co-work with different design house and micro-controller supplier for reference solution design. And our products will sell to major customers in power industry such as distributor, power device principals and dedicated research center for advance power electronics.

Product 1: Power Mosfet – Application in DC power such as drone, power tools, & BLDC motors etc.

Product 2: IGBT – Application in induction cooker, solar inverter & automotive etc.

Product 3: SiC Schottky Diode - Application in power supply, solar inverter & automotive etc.