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PLUSD Technology Limited

Unit 223, 2/F, Building 16W, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong
+852 59848989
Mr. Li Da

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PlusD's vision is to create extra points of view to observe the world. We are passionate about innovation of optics and vision by discovering a new or unique viewing angle. “Broaden your horizon, Diversify our dimensionality.”

Founded in 2014, PlusD is one of the leading optical 3D metrology start-up in HKSTP, providing a comprehensive range of optical inspection services for public organizations and private corporates.

Our optical solution services include optical design and installation works for manufacturing quality and monitoring, not only a standard one-off solution with know-how but also provide customized solutions to satisfy manufacturing diversity. We are also engaged in the provision of developing our optical products as well as technical consultation service in the 3D metrology design aspect.

Our core product is a 3D intelligent sensor with high precision, frame rate, and dynamic range. It is a highly integrated micro-small machine vision system that integrates image acquisition, processing and communication functions in a single camera, providing a versatile, modular, exceedingly reliable and accessible machine vision solution that can meet the technical needs of measurement, detection, positioning, identification and control in different industries such as intelligent manufacturing and smart automation.


Being a LEAP member of HKSTP, PLUSD is well-supported in terms of start-up incubation, industry networking and business consultation throughout our journey.