Company Details

PINvels (Hong Kong) Limited

N.T., Hong Kong
+852 90638350
Mr. Chi Kit YAU

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Pinvels is a multinational all-rounded travel mobile app with three major
components. First, our “Pin” function creates a new way to plan itineraries which
fulfil the gap of the need and the insufficient support of the itinerary planning
app in the current market. Second, we cooperate with different hotel partners in
order to provide intelligent hotel system to guests. Third, our all-in-one smart
travel vending machine can satisfy major needs for travellers, such as tickets and
Furthermore, three components interlink with each other and serve our users via
both online and offline channels. In short, the main vision of Pinvels is to
facilitate users to travel and shorten the time of planning.

Hotel guests with different languages and cultures may encounter various
communication problems with the hotel staff. This may negatively affect the
revenue and brand image of a hotel. As a result, bad customer reviews may come
up on the internet. Therefore, Pinvels introduces the intelligent hotel system.
After checking in Pinvels app with a particular QR code, the guests can pick all the
hotel services such as room service, spa booking, transport pick-up, etc. by their
own mobiles and languages. Afterwards, the hotel staff can make correspondent
action to the guests. Besides, guests can easily order local souvenirs, attractions
and transportation ticket as well.
In addition, guest can view itineraries recommended by the hotel, such as nearby
attractions and restaurants.