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Mindvivid Limited

Unit 612, 6/F, Building 12W, No.12 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong
+852 3619 0881
Mr. Kent Wang

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Agile Mind, Vivid Life.

Mindvivid Limited is a local innovation and technology company in Hong Kong developing applications and web platforms related to cognitive abilities to ease dementia. Mindvivid provides users with brain training and establish brain databases to help slow down and screen for brain degeneration. Mindvivid has also cooperated with different local universities and well-known scientific research institutions that provide punditries and supervision, and conduct research and verification for our products.

“Brainastic” is the first local cognitive training application developed and validated in Hong Kong, which combines scientific research, brain training, entertainment and data monitoring in one. With more than 20 games, "Brainastic" allow users to train different cognitive areas in a challenging and fresh way.
In 2019, a local verification of “Brainastic” conducted by Mindvivid Limited and the Jockey Club Institute of Ageing of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has been completed. The research results are very satisfactory which show using “Brainastic” as daily training can help slowing down brain degeneration effectively. Two research papers have also been published.


Mindvivid joined HKSTP as an incubatee in 2014, and is now an HKSTP tenant. HKSTP has provided comprehensive support that allows us to access different business opportunities and helps us overcome lots of difficulties in various aspects.