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Llewellyn and Partners Company Limited

Unit 715 ,7/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
+852 95775739
Ir Dr. Llewellyn Tang

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With over a decade practical experience in the AECO industries in the UK, China and Hong Kong, Llewellyn and Partners Company Limited (LPC)'s mission is to reshape the AEC ecosystem with revolutionary products using BIM, GIS, A.I., IoT and Blockchain technologies. Our creative, cutting-edge and unprecedented digital inventions are tailor-made to empower individuals, brands, and the industry to the new construction normals. Founded in 2019, LPC is the first Building Information Modelling (BIM) innovation start-up of the University of Hong Kong's i5 BIM Research Laboratory that focuses on the state-of-art and cutting-edge A.I. technologies for the future generation of smart asset. We are also the member company of Incu-Tech Programme, HKSTP. University-linked start-up with international background is commonly seen. LPC will focus upon the great demand for university linked international consultancy and R&D firm to engage in major public and private Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-operated (AECO) sectors in Hong Kong using BIM as a revolutionary design and construction tool in global AECO environment.

BIM Warehouse designed for the next generation digital estate developer. It holds the single source of information for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner operated (AECO) sector. The building element data provided by suppliers is collected to create 3D modelling to realize the digitalization. We provide digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of an object. The standardized and structured object data can improve information management throughout the building lifecycle and help team players work in a common data environment. Beside the accuracy of the object data can also optimize project cost estimation and accelerate modular integration with the construction building development.