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LinkedTech Solutions Limited

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LinkedTech, established in 2013, is a technology company specializing in the design and development of interactive business applications to help retailers to enhance their brand images and to increase their in-store sales.

LinkedTech has extensive knowledge in retail industry, and has launched its cloud-based platform iCan to multinational clients in HK, China and the Pacific Rim region.

LinkedTech is founded by a team of experienced serial entrepreneur from leading ICT and retail organizations. LinkedTech is headquartered in HK and has a wholly owned subsidiary office in Shenzhen, China.

The award winning cloud-based platform iCan is a complete set of solutions suite for retailers to provide excellent brand visibility, enhance shopping experience, and increase the in-store sales.

The target segments of iCan are brick-and-mortar retailers, who sell medium to high-end products and services, such as automotive showrooms, first-hand property sales offices, high-end department stores and luxury goods stores.

iCan is well developed and has been commercially launched in HK, China, and the Pacific Rim region. It has proven business results, unique technology and innovations.