Company Details

Libpet Tech Limited

Unit 659, 6/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 59317389
Mr. Huafeng Xu

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Libpet is a cutting-edge technology company established in June 2022, focusing on creating innovative products with mobility capabilities and providing high-quality service to enhance people’s accessibility.

We leverage our proprietary and patented technologies to develop groundbreaking products to cater the unique needs of rehabilitation groups, such as AI-empowered scooters with the diverse features like anti-collision, remote control and stair-climbing.

Our achievements and positive social recognition encouraged us to take further steps forward in enhancing our products and pursuing business growth. Our extensive engineering expertise allows us to expand product offerings to a wider customer base with greater convenience and functionality in their daily lives.

Libpet's multi-disciplinary team is composed of experts in robotics, software development, hardware engineering, design and data science, comprising comprehensive know-how to leverage cutting-edge robotics technologies in developing innovative products that deliver exceptional functionality and performance.

Libpet's scooter empowers users like never before, by equipping with AI and cutting-edge features. The anti-collision system of the scooter detects obstacles to ensure a safe and seamless ride. The precise remote control feature gives users added convenience of operating the device from a distance.

The groundbreaking stair-climbing capability enables users to ride indoors and outdoors at ease, setting them free no matter in cruising around the neighborhood or adventuring around every twist and turn. The Libpet scooter is stylishly designed with a cushioned seat and adjustable handlebars aligned to modern aesthetic and ergonomic, making every ride luxurious yet liberating to unleash the freedom of mobility.