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Lambda Sense Limited

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We are an IT Startup focusing on the products and services development for enhancing our daily life based on Machine Learning technology. We believe “Machine Learning Technology is the essence of building our trustworthy Services.”.

Our vision of Machine Learning:
•\tIt safeguards our privacy.
•\tIt will be with us, from little till last.
•\tIt connects our family and community.
Our beliefs:
•\tSmall application will be a big service.
•\tWe prefer a measured pace, rather a rapid, but perilous, finish.
•\tThink hard, work smart, is the most efficient way of execution.
•\tMathematics is the essence of the foundation, and learning is part of our life.
•\tConfronting ambiguity then rectifying till we know the answer is the motivation to drive us diving deeper into learning.

It is well-known fact that ageing population now is a serious problem, and impacting the global economy, according to various reports from different authorities from different countries. In HK, the government estimated that the aging population (> 65) will be more than 2 million by 2030. Additionally, about 20% of them have fallen every year.
There is similar situation happened in the other developed countries. For instance, the number of elderly fall-related hospitalizations in the US had increased 50% in the past 10 years. In Canada, falls account for 85% of the injury-related admissions to hospital among elderly.
A rough estimation of the Elderly Fall healthcare expenditures may need up to USD 60 billion every year. Hence, a Fall Detection and Prevention Service is urgently needed, so as to helping the governments to alleviate their financial pressure and protecting the elderly from fall as well. Unfortunately, the market now has limited Fall Detection Product available, and hasn’t any Fall Prevention offering.
The key reason why we don’t have suitable products of these kinds is mainly due to the lack of mature algorithm to gauge what is Fall. Thanks to the advancement of Machine Learning technology, and the research achievements from different universities, now we have a few more accurate learning algorithms, which can help to provide the Fall Detection and Prevention identification. We are one of the leading companies developing this product, and targeting to launch it in the HK and China markets with some NGO partners, different hospital authorities, and the nursing homes in the coming 9 to 12 months.