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Karmo International Company Limited

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Inherit and innovate, Karmo is keen to provide solutions for customers on automation production.

Founded in 1972, Karmo is a Hong Kong-based company specialises in designing and manufacturing robotic arm for injection moulding machines, downstream work cells and factory automation.
We pursue innovation in technical knowhow, quality and the manufacturing of new and high-performance products.
We are committed to manufacturing high-efficiency, automated, safe and more user-friendly machines.
Our wide range of product lines spans from pneumatic/servo robotic arms to fully automated downstream work cells, and from desktop manual feed heat weld machines to complete production lines.

1. Robotic Welding System
Key Functions: System integration between robot arm and welding machine to provide automatic welding and hence improve productivity, occupational safety and health
Application: Road fencing welding service in Tai Lam Correctional Institution for the Highways Department
2. GoGo Trolley
Key Functions: Provide heavy-duty operations in indoor or outdoor environments with user-friendly control
Application: Transportation of construction material and waste in the Fung Cheung Kee construction site in Tsing Yi


Karmo started our innovation journey by joining HKSTP, which has been offering us support in many aspects, helping us develop market and providing channels of talented people and resources for our innovation and transformation.