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Jotbody (HK) Ltd

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Jotbody (HK)Limited is a contract research organization (CRO) that offers camelid antibodies (VHHs) and shark antibodies (vNARs) discovery services using patented Jotbody platform. Jotbody is trademarked & wholly owned by Esco Aster, an ISO13485 & GMP certified contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) that provides upscale production of the optimized VHHs and vNARs from Jotbody for downstream diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Esco Aster Jotbody (HK) offers nano-sized antibodies discovery and production services for the biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics industries using patented platform Jotbody for the generation of the vNAR antibodies from sharks and the VHH antibodies from camelids.