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Insight Robotics Limited

Mr. Pui Sum, Rex Sham

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If you cannot fit into society's rules, make your own rules. Pick out a social issue or problem and create a product to deal with it.

Founded in 2009 in Hong Kong, Insight Robotics specialises in award-winning thermal data analytics and AI detection technologies for long-range thermal detection as risk management tools that can be deployed to safeguard natural resources and infrastructure. By making sense of data gathered from intelligent surveys and early-warning threat detection, we help customers visualise data and prevent disasters. We have a team of specialists and engineers focusing on Remote Sensing Technologies, Thermal Imaging, Multispectral Imaging and GIS. We work closely with customers to develop cost-effective and beneficial solutions to tackle issues globally.

Our world-leading Wildfire Detection System and Intelligent Survey solution can be used for issue detection, trend prediction, mapping and pinpointing of risk areas.
In early 2020, we introduced an AI-Assisted Body Temperature Screening System to enable autonomous high-throughput screening of fever in people wearing masks. It prevents false alarms caused by non-human hot objects. A dual-temperature black body is deployed to provide continuous absolute references, allowing the system to screen over 100 people per minute with accuracy up to ±0.2°C. Real-time face blurring is activated to protect the privacy of non-fever individuals, and no sensitive data is stored or uploaded to the cloud.


Insight Robotics started its the journey by participating in the HKSTP Incubation Programme, later becoming a tenant and joining the LEAP programme. HKSTP has accorded us support in many areas. It is truly a marketing mentor for Hong Kong-based businesses like us, always providing a platform for promoting our products and innovation to potential customers and industry users.